SSI Tools for Microsoft Project

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Table of Contents

Release Notes & Release History
Current Release
Prior Release Notes
Release Notes for Version 12.5 2017-05-30 Build
Release Notes for Version 12.4 2016-10-31 Build
Release Notes for Version 12.0 2015-10-31 Build
SSI Trace Tools (Task Dependency Management)
Trace & Show Dependencies
Trace & List Dependencies
Schedule Snapshots
Multi-Path Tab
Secondary and Tertiary Path Options
Trace Tools - Try it Now Exercise
Post Task Status Tools
Update Start/Finish and % Complete
Update Work/Cost Remaining
Setup and Preferences
Assignment EAC List
Schedule Integrity Audits
No Predecessor or Successor
Predecessor or Successor on Summaries
Invalid Status
Progress Posted Out of Sequence
Audit For Unnecessary Date Constraints
Tasks With Negative Slack (Also Called Negative Float)
Very High Total Slack
No Baseline
Negative Lag to/from a Predecessor or Successor
Start or Finish is Late to Baseline
Out of Sync Child and Parent Baseline
Batch Audits
DCMA 14 Point Assessment
Missing Links (DCMA Point 1 - "Logic" Assessment)
Negative Lag (DCMA Point 2 - "Leads" Assessment)
Positive Lag (DCMA Point 3 - "Lags" Assessment)
Dependencies (DCMA Point 4 - "Relationship Types" Assessment)
Hard Constraints (DCMA Point 5 - "Hard Constraints" Assessment)
Float Greater than 44 days (DCMA Point 6 - "High Float" Assessment)
Negative Float (DCMA Point 7 - "Negative Float" Assessment)
Duration Greater than 44 days (DCMA Point 8 - "High Duration" Assessment)
Invalid Status (DCMA Point 9 - "Invalid Dates" Assessment)
No Work of Cost (DCMA Point 10 - "Resources" Assessment)
Late to Baseline Finish (DCMA Point 11 - "Missed Tasks" Assessment)
Critical Path Test (DCMA Point 12 - "Critical Path Test" Assessment)
Critical Path Length Index (DCMA Point 13 - "CPLI" Assessment)
Baseline Execution Index (DCMA Point 14 - "BEI" Assessment)
Audit Builder
SSI Toolbox
SSI Get Timescaled Values for Selected Tasks
Select Defined Periods
SSI Get Timescaled Values Options and Saved Settings
Schedule Risk Analysis
Optional Risk Factors
SRA Results
Sensitivity Analysis
Get External Links
SSI Slack Evaporator
SSI Utilities
Show All (Schedule Details)
SSI Calendar Pop-up
Update SSI Tools
Program Performance Rate Report
Project Performance Vs. Baseline Reporting
Earned Value Reporting
Earned Value Management Definitions
Project Setup for SSI Earned Value Management Reporting
Post Project Data to the SSI Project Performance Database
Importing Actual Values for Earned Value Reporting
Generate Earned Value Reports Using SSI EVM Tools
Performance Reports
Deltek Cobra™ Transaction File Generator
Deltek MPM™ Transaction File Generator
Fiscal Calendar Setup Version 11.0 window
Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Integration
Multiple Project Management Tools
Subproject Identification Form
Input/Output Identification Form (V11.0) window
Insert Subproject files into the Current Project
Distribute Subprojects as files
Structured Solutions Recommended Business Rhythm