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14 Point Assessment

14 Point Assessment

Metrics Based on DCMA
14 Point Assessment

Perform a self assessment of your project to identify potential problem areas and identify specific actions you can take to improve your assessment score.  If your project is subject to a DCMA 14 Point Assessment, this report will enable you to respond to questions you might be asked by a Government analyst who ran a similar report on your project. 
It is important to note that a "red" score on the report does not necessarily constitute a failure of a particular metric point.  Instead, it provides a framework for diving deeper into the underlying data to understand the reasons for the conditions noted.  Even if you project is not subject to Government audits, the metrics report is a great way to ensure that your schedule is developed using Generally Accepted Scheduling Principals that are recognized by Government and Industry master schedulers.
Here is a list of each Metric with a link to a detailed description of how SSI tools performs the test and a reference to the equivalent test and test criteria used by the DCMA.  The SSI Tools method of calculating the metric is described first followed by the descriptions of the DCMA equivalent metrics which is quoted directly from Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Program Analysis Pamphlet (PAP) DCMA-EA PAM 200.1
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