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  • Setup and Cross References for SSI IMPDAR SPD

Setup and Cross References for SSI IMPDAR SPD

Setup a Project for IMPDAR SPD file generation - 97 data fields can be controlled by the project owner.  Of those, 67 are optional or conditional.  Conditional means they are only used if another related field is used.  26 can be derived from the project without your input or they have a standard mapping such as Unique ID or Baseline Start/Finish.  The 4 remaining fields are requirements that can't be derived or left blank.  SSI Tools organizes the fields you can specify into the groups shown below.   Click on each for a detailed description of the optional, derived and required information in each group.
Cross reference tables - Cross reference tables allow you to map your conventions to fixed IMPDAR SDP standard values for information such as Earned Value Techniques (EVT) and Element of Cost (EOC).  For example, SPD uses the common name "LEVEL_OF_EFFORT" to identify tasks using a particular EVT.  You might use the letter "L" to identify this type.  The Cross reference table allows you to continue using your convention while still supporting the SPD common name.  Your project can continue to use "L" for level of effort tasks even though the SPD Task.json table shows "LEVEL_OF_EFFORT" for the same task.
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