Critical Path Analysis / Driving

SSI Tools helps you navigate a complex network to quickly isolate tasks that are “driving” the schedule for project milestones, project deliverables or any item you select for analysis. Use these tools to automatically identify and display the end-to-end Driving Path to an item you select using the Critical Path Method (CPM).   You can even trace network logic (predecessors or successors) one step at a time.

  • With just one click you can identify and display the longest work stream of preceding tasks to the row or rows you select using the tab named Driving Path Analysis
  • The tab named Trace & Show Dependencies, identifies and displays the predecessors or successors of tasks you select in a project
  • The tab named Trace & List Dependencies, allows you to inspect key information about a selected task’s predecessors or successors in a list.  Then follow a dependency thread by double-clicking one or more items in the dependency list.

SSI Trace Tools show you the driving path with one click

Waterfall display of Driving path example